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About CLU

Why choose CluCoin?

Our model rewards holders and saves money for charity on every transaction. With each transaction 5% goes to liquidity pool and 5% gets redistributed back to all CLU holders! You will earn CLU just for holding.

Key Features

CluCoin is the first token designed with the users and a charity system built straight into its core. We've built a system designed to protect against whales, encourage holding and help charities around the world.

Safe & Secure

Safe Invest

CluCoin holders are rewarded with 5% return each time someone sells. HOLD & EARN.

Our system is built off safemoon protocol which is built to protect investors and discourage selling.

Early Bonus


Join our CLUmmunity and meet likeminded people who love helping others and having fun!!

Visit our socials in the bottom left portion of the screen to meet members in discord, telegram, reddit and more.

Low Cost

Charity Focus

Part of CluCoin's mission is to help charities around the world.

To do this, we've setup a wallet. CluCoin and the dividends will go to charities all over the world.