Our Roadmap

  • 2021 Q2 - CluCoin is born (05/19/21)

    Exchange applications

    • Submitting applications to exchanges that support our token

    vesting contracts for charity and community wallet

    • Audit completed by Certik with 100% score

    Build social presence (phase 1)

    • Perform giveaways available to the general public and launch campaigns on popular social platforms

    First CLUmmunity Project

    • CLU Axie Infinity Scholarships

    CLU vault

    • NFT Vault created & first CLUmmunity assets purchased

  • 2021 Q3- Organizational Development

    Form Clunited Charity with 501C3 Status

    • Establish team and realize strategic vision & roadmap

    • Establish Worldwide CLU Chapters program

    • Establish organizational hierarchy within each chapter

    • Build form on website that allows users to volunteer for their local Chapter or create their own

    • Build Chapter charters that outline the responsibilities of each chapter

    • Create chapter oaths for new members

    • Formation of media team

    Website Revamp and Utility Integrations

    • Implementation of CLU wallet v1

    • NFT Collection

    • Display CLU analytics (includes tokenomic breakdown)

    • User achievement integration and milestones

    • Shareable profiles and more!

    • Design and implement user point system and leaderboard


    • Additional incentives and rewards for Holder Roles

    Ambassador Programs

  • 2021 Q4- Exchange Buildout

    Esports Team

    • Recruiting, staffing, and build a presence in Esports Community

    Media Team

    • 1st Charity Documentary

    Exchange Planning

    • Design and plan for CLU Exchange roll-out

    • Begin recruitment of staff

    Staking Contracts for Holder Roles

    • Subscription-based rewards

  • 2022 - Stage 2 Begins

    updated roadmap